Rockne O’Bannon joined us in the airlock this week. His story is pretty much the story of CBS’ attempt to revive THE TWILIGHT ZONE, the feature and tv series of ALIEN NATION, SEAQUEST, the cult tv classic FARSCAPE and few more items of interest including a few original pilot scripts that, with luck (Lord knows the guy’s got talent), we’ll be seeing on tv next year.The AAC podcast this time is enhanced (as will be all future podcasts) in addition to also being available in mp3 format. It was made with Apple’s GarageBand software which allows for imbedded images and links to websites of interest if watched on a computer via iTunes. A word about the audio quality: Rockne was mic’d well. David and Marc, however, slugged it out with cheap headsets again. Rest assured those headsets have been burned and future podcasts will be properly mic’d with Samson CL8 Condenser Mics and an M-Audio MobilePre USB Mobile Preamp.

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