What’s your goal, your big dream?

To create your own TV show? Write big features?
Star in your own series? Create a one person show?
Direct powerful, successful films?
Team with the top people working in the Industry?
Or maybe just have a financially successful career in film and TV…

What if there was someone who could walk you through every step of the way, aid you in effectively honing your skills, target the people with the power to say yes, and show you how to make sure they pay attention to what you had to offer?

Well, Marc and Elaine Zicree, the Supermentors, are just that.

Week by week, they guide you and get you into ACTION.

What’s more, they know their stuff. Marc and Elaine have been writers and producers on hundreds of produced TV episodes of hit network shows, had features made, published bestsellers in both fiction and non-fiction, seen their work nominated for the Writers Guild Award, Humanitas Prize, American Book Award, Diane Thomas Award and they just won the TV Guide Award. What’s more, Marc’s currently nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards – the top prizes in science fiction!

“Great, that’s them – what about me?”

Every month, over a period of years, their students have landed leads and guest star roles in features, series and pilots, had films produced, sold pilots, episodic TV scripts, novels, landed on TV writing staffs, launched and advanced thriving careers.

And for those signing up now, there’s even a SPECIAL BONUS SESSION with writers and directors from IRON MAN, CHILDREN OF MEN, the new Spielberg/Ron Howard film, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, the upcoming Sci-Fi series WAREHOUSE 13 and more – major pros who will personally advise each student in the class!

Don’t wait any longer feeling clueless or just plain frustrated.

It’s all possible just by starting now.

But the classes are limited to only ten students each, so they’ll fill up fast.

Email marc[at]zicree[dot]com or call (323) 363-1259. You can pay via check or by credit card on Paypal.

It’s a great feeling to get moving… and an even better one to have the career you’ve always dreamed of.


“Since taking their class I was selected, out of 12,000 submissions, to be one of fifty semi-finalists chosen by Steven Spielberg to compete in his reality series ON THE LOT, which aired on FOX, and as a result I received a first look deal with Dreamworks. Marc and Elaine are worth every penny and more.” KAI SOREMEKUN, Director/Producer

“I wish I had taken Marc and Elaine’s class when I first moved to Hollywood. Can’t even imagine the time and energy I would have saved in achieving my goals! But I always find it’s never too late to benefit from their guidance. Marc and Elaine cut to the chase and figure out what you need to do to get where you want to be in your career. They think outside the box, around the box, through the box, and sometimes even throw out the box altogether!” DGA Director MARTY ELCAN (NEXT OF KIN) and first assistant director on SIX FEET UNDER and DRIVING MISS DAISY

“Marc And Elaine Zicree and their Supermentor classes are focused and personal and have been instrumental in the advancement of my career. “ JIM TROESH, writer, director, star of the TV pilot THE HOLLYWOOD QUAD and writer of the feature film COLOR OF THE CROSS

“The Zicrees have an amazing knowledge of the entertainment industry as writers and producers. They generously share their expertise and contacts through their Supermentors program. I met some excellent people through their course. They are genuine and committed and want the best for you.” DAVID COUPER, renowned life coach

“I highly recommend the Zicrees in every way. They are experts with deep knowledge of the entertainment industry. Everything they work on is done creatively with high integrity. Their coaching is impeccable and causes results that can only be called fairy-tale. If you want your dreams to come true, then you are fortunate to have met Marc and Elaine Zicree. There are no kinder hands to be in. Flash Forward Institute has hired them many times to be speakers at our events. Their generosity of spirit and expertise are par none. ” APRIL McKAY, actress

“Marc and Elaine Zicree’s guidance and expertise in entertainment and networking served me well in Hollywood. As a direct result of their mentorship, I achieved the following – Assistant position to prominent Director – Full Time employment in Story Development Department at a Fox 2000 based production company – Achieved goal of getting one of my screenplays optioned. Marc and Elaine’s enthusiasm and creativity put them at the top of my list for mentorship!” BRYCE FULLER

“Marc and Elaine are truly excellent teachers. Their insights into entertainment industry career strategy, as well as creative story-telling and story-selling, have proved invaluable. I highly recommend their classes and individual consulting services.” MATT CHAPMAN, producer and development exec

“Marc and Elaine are innovative thinkers who push everyone to achieve their dreams through bold, focused action. They do an outstanding job of bringing people and ideas together and helping dreams turn into realities. I recommend them to anyone in Hollywood who wants to fast track their careers.” EMILY BUTTON

“Marc and Elaine Zicree are exceptional teachers and mentors. Their Supermentors seminars are unique and outstanding in their personal, targeted and unselfish approach to the business of Hollywood.” JIM ARNOLD, writer

“Marc and Elaine are terrific mentors, always ready to answer your questions. They’re talented writer/directors with an impressive network. I took a class from them a few years ago, made some valuable additions to my network, and perhaps most importantly, recharged my batteries with new perspective.” DIANE SHERLOCK, writer

“With techniques taught by the Zicrees, I produced four documentaries in 3 years and am now producing an independent feature film. Through the Zicrees, I learned my instincts were right. I did NOT need “permission” to start work in Hollywood. I needed passion, commitment and insight. I had to be willing to take well considered risks. I had to be dedicated to doing the kind of work I was willing to pay for. I had to support the dreams of others. I had to remember that you never know who you are talking to in this industry. Today’s janitor may be tomorrow’s leading man, so be nice. The Zicrees have launched, supported and salvaged thousands of careers . . . including mine.” NANCY FULTON, producer

“Marc brings considerable passion and expertise to his work. Both have often tipped the balance in favor of success in otherwise ‘impossible’ situations. Marc’s enthusiasm in infectious, and I have enjoyed working with him in his capacity as a writer and as a producer/director.” MIKE OKUDA, designer STAR TREK – THE NEXT GENERATION, DEEP SPACE NINE, VOYAGER

“Marc and Elaine have the rare ability to show students how to connect the dots and get things done in the entertainment business. I believe I was never more inspired or productive in the time during and directly following my lessons with Marc and Elaine. The classes are small and the personal attention is amazing. The Zicrees work through all the barriers, timelines, and networking to get your project realized. I am applying many techniques and principles in my work now in New York. If you want to sell a script, direct a film, produce a television show or make it as an actor, run, do not walk to sign up for the Super Mentors class.” CLIFF GALBRAITH, animator and President of Crucial Comics

“Marc, along with his wife Elaine have skillfully mentored and molded the careers of many of Hollywood’s finest Industry Professionals and provided them with a wonderful forum to network, grow creatively and reach new heights in the careers!” PIXIE MONROE, casting director

“Marc and Elaine Zicree’s mentorship and master class were a terrific way for me to learn to think outside the box as a means of increasing my visibility in the industry as a producer. I highly recommend them to anyone who feels stuck in their work and wants to reinvigorate their career or to take it to the next level.” STEPHANIE BELL, producer

“I can vouch for Marc Zicree’s knowledge of the television and film world of production, acting, design, and above all commercial application of highly imaginative ideas. In addition, Marc has an outstanding talent for teaching. He’s a fascinating speaker and entertainer and uses that ability to hold attention to deliver his well organized understanding of how an idea becomes a finished production. He’s not just someone who knows a lot — he’s someone who has a talent and a vocation for giving what he has learned to the next generation, and I have to say I am proud to know this man. He stands in my esteem right beside Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek; Battlestar Galactica, etc) and Blake Snyder whose SAVE THE CAT! series of books on screenwriting is leading a whole new generation of novel writers into new vistas of communication. Marc is creating the world where it will be possible to implement my vision.” JACQUELINE LICHTENBERG, award-winning author

“If you have found Marc and Elaine Zicree in your life, and you have had the opportunity to audit or even better attend their mentor’s course; you will find a rare group of individuals who very much believe in themselves, their passion and their love for the entertainment industry. This course is a must have for writers who want to do more than just frustrate their friends and families. If you have found Marc and Elaine, then you have found this network which has led to incredible success for many who know them.” DOTAN BAER

“Elaine and Marc Zicree have been a tremendous and positive influence on my career here in Hollywood. Because I took their counsel to heart, I began producing my own projects instead of waiting for someone else to hire me. I am now in the process of producing and starring in my third film project! See you at the movies!” BARBARA KERR CONDON actress/producer

“Marc Zicree is amazing!” RAY BRADBURY