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Let Del Reisman take you back to the Golden Age of Television. When he was a kid hanging out on the Universal backlot, or later in the midst of 35 missions as a bombardier flying over Germany during WWII, Del had no idea he’d wind up smack in the middle of one of the most creatively fervent periods in the history of American Broadcasting. When TV drama was in its infancy and young men like John Frankenheimer, Franklin Schaffner and Paddy Chayefsky were telling the country all about itself with live television productions, Del was there. He was also there with Rod Serling when a little CBS show called The Twilight Zone hit the airwaves and changed television forever. Listen in.

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Boomers will be familiar with the late Ross Martin as the actor who, in the mid-1960s, played Artemus Gordon on tv’s THE WILD WILD WEST. But before that Ross acted in THE TWILIGHT ZONE. In 1978 Marc Zicree was 22 years old and just beginning the research that would lead him to write the book on Serling’s masterpiece, The Twilight Zone Companion. Marc conducted this interview (©2008 Marc Scott Zicree) with Ross Martin 30 years ago. It takes you backstage into the 1960s world of the working actor, and into the mind of Rod Serling who did more to define the world of television science fiction than anyone else before or since.

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